The Valued Clients We Serve

We serve a local and a nationwide clientele whom we expect to remain as our valued clients forever. Our clients include retirees, successful professionals, physicians, business owners and entrepreneurs.

While many of our clients are already enjoying retirement, others are still working to build the financial foundation needed for their desired retirement.

Having an optimized strategy is vital to success whether you are focused on wealth preservation and generating retirement income or on accumulating wealth for financial freedom in retirement. As the old adage states, failing to plan is planning to fail.

Retirees and Pre-Retirees: We work with families who want and need professional, unbiased and independent financial advice on how to preserve retirement savings while ensuring a lifetime of retirement income to meet monthly financial needs. Our clients come to us seeking guidance on how to best reduce taxes, investment risk and the hidden fees in their investments. Our clients also want to determine how much they can confidently spend or should be saving to best satisfy their retirement income needs.

Business Owners and Entrepreneurs: Managing a business is demanding and requires great focus. With guidance on the best retirement savings options, tax reduction strategies and a business exit strategy, our clients can have greater confidence in their financial future. To achieve this confidence, comprehensive financial advice that integrates both your personal financial needs and business planning needs is required. With guidance on how to best diversify your assets beyond your business, you can focus on the growth of your business knowing you have a business exit that will best meet your and your business’s needs.

Physicians and Other Professionals: Your profession is critical and requires much of your time and energy. To ensure that you are effectively saving and investing for your retirement, it is important to have a strategic plan. When your plan allows you to recognize that you are on track for achieving your personal financial goals, your vision of financial independence or financial freedom begins to become a reality. With our professional, independent and unbiased financial advice on retirement planning, tax reduction, investment planning and children’s education savings, some of our clients begin to consider pursuing options such as working less, launching a small business they have always dreamed of starting or even entering retirement earlier than they previously thought was possible.