About the Founder

Norman Caldwell, the founder and president of Vested Financial, a Comprehensive Wealth Management company, has been assisting high net worth business owners and families for over  a decade with their financial and insurance needs. By caring for each family’s specific needs and maintaining an unbiased, fiduciary focus, Norman remains vested in those he serves.

Norman is a Series 65 securities licensed financial professional. He is also life insurance and annuity licensed in Florida, Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Wisconsin.

Norman’s Mission

To empower his clients with  financial freedom and the certainly that comes with knowing their financial resources are being appropriately managed. This in turn allows his clients to better serve their families, communities and Creator.

Before Financial Services

In the late 1990s, prior to beginning his career in the securities and insurance world, Norman was hand-selected to work as a one-on-one business and personal results coach with The Anthony “Tony” Robbins Companies. Even today, this invaluable training and experience has a significant influence on how Norman approaches each new and existing client relationship. Many of the skills required to successfully coach clients for the Tony Robbins Companies complements those needed to serve his client’s comprehensive financial needs. As a coach and a financial advisor, it is first important to focus on understanding each client’s unique wants and needs. It is only after a client’s specific outcomes are fully understood that the development of a custom strategy can begin to take form.


Today, Norman is one of a select number of independent financial advisors who provides comprehensive wealth management services to clients that are referred to him from JD Mellberg Financial, Performance Financial Institute and Copperstone Partners. Norman has been a featured speaker across the United States at industry-sponsored conferences, and he continues to speak at a variety of events throughout southern Florida. In addition to being highlighted as a contributing writer and being quoted as an expert in several industry publications, Norman has also been a featured guest on south Florida’s “740 Money Talk Radio.”

Outside Interests….

Norman’s other passions and interests include spending time with his family, serving others in his community, health and fitness, supporting the arts, reading and playing competitive sports. On the weekends he enjoys playing beach volleyball, softball, volunteering, reading, painting abstract art works and attending church services.

Norman earned his Bachelor of Science degree in business from Missouri State University and later completed the Foundation Program at Otis College in Los Angeles.

If you would like to contact Norman Caldwell to discuss your financial future, email him at or call the office at 954-745-4966.

By contacting Vested Financial you may be offered insurance and/or investment products for sale.